Competition: The Cheating Jeweller – Day Two

Welcome to the second daily round up of the first DS Giles Case – a chance for you the readers to solve a crime fiction case written by myself for delivery through Twitter.

For five days, the Twitter account of DS Evelyn Giles will be tweeting her progress through the case, detailing the evidence as she finds it. On the last day, there will be a chance for you to submit your solution to the crime – every correct solution gets entered for a chance to win some great crime fiction goodies.

If you missed what happened in Day One, don’t panic because you can check out yesterday’s daily round up right here. Remember to keep your eyes peeled. Any evidence could be vital!

10.04 – Forensics comes back on the wound to Maxwell’s head – ‘Injury caused by a blunt instrument, possibly a hammer.’

10.05 – Several prints were recovered from the bedroom where he was found belonging to five individuals.

10.06 – One set belong to Maxwell; one to Jasmine Kinkade; the others are not yet identified.

10.07 – Blood splatters on the wall indicate Maxwell was facing the door when he was hit. The killer was inside the bedroom.

10.45 – Maxwell’s sister, Lia, has come to the station to identify his body.

10.47 – Interview with Lia Maxwell:

10.48 – ‘John was a good man. He was a hard worker and a dedicated husband to his wife…’

10.49 – ‘That is until he started taking drugs.’

10.50 – ‘It started off with marijuana. But he soon started getting hooked on cocaine. His marriage broke down as a result.’

10.51 – ‘His drug abuse became public gossip. He started to lose clients over it.

10.52 – ‘I don’t know who let it slip, but John wasn’t happy about it. He said he’d kill whoever it was.’

10.53 – ‘I haven’t spoken to John in a good couple of months because he was getting paranoid.’

10.54 – ‘He was convinced his neighbour was spying on him…’

12.05 – I visit Maxwell’s jewellery store. The co-owner, Gareth Edwards, is more than happy to show me the accounts.

12.06 – It’s strange. The store has been selling more stock in the last year, but the accounts look very weak.

12.10 – Interview with Mr Edwards:

12.11 – ‘John was always paranoid. He was always convinced that someone was going to steal the stock.’

12.12 – ‘He wouldn’t leave any of the priceless pieces in the safe if he could help it.’

12.13 – ‘He would always make sure they were taken to the bank before closing time for safe keeping.’

14.16 – Visit to the bank where the jewellery store keep a deposit box.

14.17 – The manager, Ms Sarah Lindsay, won’t allow me access to the box without written approval.

14.18 – I’m going to need a warrant.

End of Day Two

That’s all for today. Remember, if you want to keep up with the entries as they come in, you can always follow DS Giles on Twitter here, or follow the hashtag #GilesCase to keep up to date.

Think you know who did it yet?

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