Competition: The Cheating Jeweller – Day One

So – today Detective Sergeant Evelyn Giles started tweeting the first of what I hope will be many cases. For those who missed the last post I wrote about this, Giles’s Twitter account will basically be tweeting updates of a case I have created for her as they happen.

Basically it’s a chance for all those crime thriller readers out there to get inside the mindset of my main character by seeing a case through her eyes. But – more importantly – I also wanted to give those readers a chance to test their own detective skills against my fictional detective.

Every person who follows @DSEvelynGiles or #GilesCase on Twitter will be given the opportunity to solve the case for themselves. Over the course of the next few days, everyone will be given the clues as Giles gets them and – at the end – they will have a chance to identify the killer.

And best yet – out of every person who successfully identifies the killer, one lucky person will win a prize courtesy of yours truly.

Sounds cool, right?

For all of your loyal readers who have been following my blog since it’s earliest days, I will be publishing all of Giles’ tweets at the end of each day so – if you don’t have Twitter or if you miss a tweet – you will be able to quickly review all the evidence available.

So, without further introduction, let me hand over to Detective Giles as she tackles her first public case – “The Lamentable Jeweller”.

09:10 – New crime scene. DC Scutter is driving. Suspected murder – white male, head trauma, found in a sealed apartment.

09.27- Scene sealed by uniform. Crime scene manager already on site. Waiting for briefing from first responders.

09.29 – Crime scene manager is Mary Turner. Victim identified as John Maxwell, jewellery merchant.

09.30 – Cause of death – a single strike wound on the back of the skull from a heavy object.

09.31 – Victim lived alone. Body found in the bedroom in the centre of the apartment. All doors out of the flat were locked.

09.32 – Body discovered by landlady, Jasmine Kinkade, and locksmith, Martin Crow, after breaking in.

09.33 – Judging by decomposition, body has been dead for three weeks or more.

09.34 – No sign of robbery. No sign of a struggle.

10.05 – Interview with Ms Kinkade:

10.06 – ‘Mr Maxwell had fallen well behind on his rent. I posted a notice of eviction two months ago.’

10.07 – ‘I received no response from Mr Maxwell so obtained a court order to break into the apartment.’

10.08 – ‘I found Mr Maxwell on the floor of the bedroom in a pool of blood. It was awful.’

10.10 – Ms Kinkade looks a little shifty. There is something about this story that doesn’t ring true.

10.27 – Interview with the neighbours, Jake and Molly Batchelor:

10.28 – ‘John was alright, I suppose. He was a bit of hermit though.’

10.29 – ‘He’d disappear for months on end – said he was taking work trips to Europe.’

10.30 – ‘When we didn’t see him for a few weeks, we didn’t think much of it.’

10.31 – ‘The last time we saw John alive was five weeks ago.’

10.32 – Something isn’t right with these two – especially the husband, Jake.

10.33 – Jake says that John was angry after he received his eviction notice 8 weeks ago.

10.34 – ‘John was planning on taking Ms Kinkade to court.’

10.35 – I ask what for but he doesn’t know.

10.36 – End of Day One

That’s all for today. Remember, if you want to keep up with the entries as they come in, you can always follow DS Giles on Twitter here, or follow the hashtag #GilesCase to keep up to date.

Think you know who did it yet?


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