The Queues

Neat and ordered.

Straight and quiet.

Excitement and adventure,

Glory and patriotism,

Friends and colleagues

Queue to join the war.

Neat and ordered,

Straight and quiet.

Fear and trepidation,

Alert and shivering,

Mates and brothers

Queue to join the battle.

Neat and ordered,

Straight and quiet,

Dread and shock

Pain and distress

Soldiers and civilians

Queue to see the medic

Neat and ordered

Straight and quiet

White and indistinct

Wasted and long gone.

Men and officers

Queue to queue no more.


The Trees

The Trees

Reaching, creaking, splintering

high, high, high,

with dust

swarming, floating, choking.

Cracking, crashing,

gun shells smashing,

dead fingers of wood

reaching, stretching

as the dead lie beneath,

wretching, choking,