Competition: The Cheating Jeweller – Day Four

Welcome to the third daily round up of the first Giles Case –  and the case is really beginning to hot up now.

If you haven’t caught up on the evidence from the previous three days, you can find them through the following links:

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Remember, if you solve the crime and submit your entry you will be in with a chance to win some cool crime fiction goodies.

Best of luck and remember to keep track of all that evidence. It might be crucial.

The story so far:

John Maxwell has been found dead in his apartment, his head bashed in by a blunt instrument. The doors were locked and no one seemed to notice that he was even missing, but everyone seems to think he was suspicious of one person in particular…

Over to you, Giles.

08.47 – Gareth Edwards, Maxwell’s business partner, seems as surprised as I am.

08.48 – ‘I don’t understand. He took some items to the bank, I swear it.’

08.49 – ‘A rare diamond and gold necklace and jewel encrusted wedding ring.’

08.50 – I advise him to make an insurance claim…

08.51 – ‘They won’t accept it if the jewels never made it to the bank. Not unless we can prove they were stolen.’

08.52 – Maybe Maxwell was keeping the jewels at home for safe keeping. Robbery may be the motive.

10.20 – I obtain a warrant to search Jake Batchelor’s apartment. He isn’t happy about it.

10.21 – ‘I had nothing to do with John’s murder, you have to believe me.’

10.22 – ‘You want to speak to that Kinkade woman. She’s who’s to blame for all this.’

10.23 – ‘When John received his eviction notice through the post, he flipped.’

10.24 – ‘He kept saying he was going to confront her, but she kept hiding from him.’

10.25 – I tell him that others have been reporting that he and Maxwell had been heard arguing.

10.26 – ‘Well, yeah, once or twice. But who doesn’t argue, right? Doesn’t mean I killed him.’

10.32 – In Jake’s study we find a wedding ring hidden down the back of his desk.

10.33 – It looks like the ring described by Gareth Edwards.

10.34 – On some of the walls, there are small drill holes that break right through to Maxwell’s apartment.

10.35 – ‘I thought my wife was having an affair with him. I just wanted to be sure it wasn’t true.’

10.36 -‘I used to play loud music to cover that I was doing it, but John realised what I was doing.’

10.37 – ‘He confronted me a few months back. I stopped doing it after that.’

10.38 – We also find a hammer and a hand drill in a cupboard under the kitchen sink.

10.39 – I take it to forensics for testing.

10.40 – Before I leave, I check the wife’s jewellery box.

10.41 – There isn’t anything of value in there…

10.42 – But there are several pictures of her wearing expensive looking jewellery.

10.43 – I ask Jake what she does for a living.

10.44 – ‘She’s a model. Nothing smutty, just high-end commercial stuff.’

10.45 – I arrest Jake for the murder of John Maxwell.

End of Day Four

That’s all for today. Remember, if you want to keep up with the entries as they come in, you can always follow DS Giles on Twitter here, or follow the hashtag #GilesCase to keep up to date.

Think you know who did it yet?


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