Competition: The Cheating Jeweller – Day Five

Finally, Day Five is here – Welcome to the fifth and final daily round up for the first every Giles Case. The solution to the crime is just around the corner – the only question is: will you be able to solve the case?

As of now the competition page is now up and running right here. I will be asking two questions:

Who killed John Maxwell?

And what was the motive?

Give me those answers and you enter yourself in for a chance to win some cool crime fiction prizes.

What if you haven’t seen the tweets for the last four days? Not to worry, you can catch up everything right here:

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Day Four

But, without further ado, I hand you over to Giles for the final day of this curious murder case.

The story so far:

John Maxwell has been found dead in his apartment, his head bashed in by a blunt instrument. The doors were locked and so far the evidence is pointing in a very specific direction. We have a suspect and a motive. But is it really that easy?

07.45 – Interview with Jake Bachelor.

07.46 – ‘I didn’t do it. I didn’t kill John, I swear. My wife will give me an alibi…’

07.47 – ‘She’s away on a modelling shoot in Ireland, but when she gets back she’ll tell you.’

07.48 – ‘We go out most nights. If you tell me what day he died, I’ll tell you where we were…’

07.49 – Why was the wedding ring in your study?

07.50 – ‘I don’t know. I’ve never seen that before.’

08.15 – I take the ring back to Gareth Edwards. He confirms it is the missing ring.

08.16 – ‘I will be going over to Europe for a few days for a business meeting.’

08.17 – ‘Please email me if you recover the necklace.’

08.18 – I ask him when he’s due to leave.

08.19 – ‘I’ll be flying out of Gatwick at 19.42 to Rotterdam.’

10.34 – Forensics call. They have another match for Maxwell’s fingerprint.

10.35 – Not only is it linked to a drugs bust, but it also seems to belong to another person…

10.36 – A Leslie Dowager. It looks like Maxwell was more than just a casual user.

10.37 – According to reports, Leslie Dowager is big-time crook: not only a drug baron but also an expert cat burglar…

10.38 – I begin to feel uneasy. Something about this doesn’t make sense.

10.39 – If Maxwell was secretly a big time crook, how was Jake able to get the drop on him so easily.

10.40 – Forensics also report the hammer from Jake’s apartment does not have any traces of Maxwell’s blood on it.

10.41 – I let Jake go, but tell him to stay in the country.

11.05 – I sit down with Scutter and go through the evidence.

11.06 – Maxwell was murdered by someone in his bedroom – it suggests it was someone he knew…

11.07 – A lover perhaps? Was Jake right? Was his wife having an affair with Maxwell?

11.08 – The person then locked the doors behind them, so they must have had a key…

11.09 – The sister, Lia Maxwell? But why would she want to murder her brother…?

11.10 – The suspect also knew about the jewellery, or else how would they know to look for it?

11.11 – Gareth Edwards? But why kill his business partner? And how did he get the ring into Jake’s apartment?

11.12 – Did someone else have access to both apartments? Ms Jasmine Kinkade, the landlady, for instance…?

11.15 – I think I know who did it. But there’s only one way to prove it.

15.56 – I print out a picture of my suspect and head round to see Marjory Becker.

15.57 – I ask her about Maxwell. Did he say anything to her?

15.58 – ‘No. He seemed shocked at first, but then he just nodded and chatted with me for a minute or so.’

15.59 – And this happened about three weeks ago?

16.00 – ‘That’s right, dear.’

16.01 – I show her a picture of my suspect.

16.02 – ‘That’s right. That’s him. Isn’t he handsome?’

16.03 – I now know who killed John Maxwell. I just need the proof.

End of Day Five

So, there you have it. That’s all for this investigation.

Do you know who killed John Maxwell? Do you know why they did it?

Remember to submit your solution here for a chance to win some cool crime fiction goodies.

The competition will be open for entries to be submitted until Midnight (GMT) on Friday 14th April . After that, the correct answers will be entered into the prize draw and the winner will be announced shortly after through Giles’ Twitter account.

Remember, entry is absolutely free so you have nothing to lose.

Good luck, good hunting. See you on the other side.

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