Competition: The Cheating Jeweller – Day Three

Welcome to the third of five daily roundups for the first DS Giles Case, ‘The Lamentable Jeweller’ – a chance for you the readers to solve a crime fiction case written by myself for delivery through Twitter.

Solve the crime and be in with a chance to win some cool crime fiction prizes. No entry fee – just your logic is required.

If you missed what happened in the first two days, don’t worry because you can find Day One here and Day Two here.

The story so far.

John Maxwell has been found dead in his apartment, his head bashed in by a blunt instrument. The doors were locked and no one seemed to notice that he was even missing…

We take up the third day from DS Giles herself…

11.00 – Forensics called. Two of the unidentified fingerprints belong to Jake and Molly Batchelor.

11.01 – Two are still unidentified. But one certainly belongs to Maxwell. No match possible due to decomposition.

11.02 – Curiously, the set we think belong to Maxwell have matched those recovered from a drug’s bust a year ago.

11.03 – Looks like the sister was right. He was in to his drugs…

11.22 – I pay a visit to Maxwell’s landlady, Jasmine Kinkade.

11.23 – I ask if there were ever any problems between Maxwell and the neighbours, Jake and Molly.

11.24 – ‘Not that John reported. But then again he kept himself to himself a lot of the time.’

11.25 – What does she mean, ‘That John reported’?

11.26 – ‘Well, they never bothered John. But other people complained about them.’

11.27 – ‘A few months ago, I had to give an official warning letter.’

11.28 – ‘Jake kept playing loud music at all hours of the night.’

11.29 – ‘The neighbour on the other side thought it was so loud that it felt like they were drilling through the wall.’

11.30 – Did this stop after the letter?

11.31 – ‘As far as I know. I didn’t received any more complaints after that.’

11.32 – What’s the name of the other neighbour.

11.33 – ‘Marjory Becker. She’s a sweet, old lady. But a bit too nosy for her own good.’

11.34 – I decide to pay her a call.

12.08 – Marjory Becker makes me a nice pot of tea. I hate tea. But I drink it anyway.

12.09 – ‘Mr Maxwell was such a nice, young man. I saw him occasional but only talked to him once. He was nice to me.’

12.10 – When was this?

12.11 – ‘About three weeks ago. He was leaving his flat and walking into town.’

12.12 – Must have been not long before he was killed…

12.13 – How did he seem?

12.14 – ‘He was alright. He looked a bit flustered but other than that…’

12.15 – Did you ever know of Maxwell having problems with Jake Batchelor?

12.16 – ‘I thought I heard them arguing once – quite a while ago now…’

12.17 – ‘It sounded like John was accusing Jake of spying on him.’

12.18 – ‘I don’t put it past Jake – his eyes are too shifty…’

12.32 – I get a call from Scutter. The judge has granted the warrant to retrieve the deposit box at the bank.

13.15 – Ms Lindsay takes me down to the vault and retrieves the deposit box.

13.16 – ‘It’s funny. I don’t remember seeing Mr Maxwell for a long time.’

13.17 – How long?

13.18 – ‘It must’ve been at least three or four months now.’

13.19 – We open the box…

13.20 – It’s empty.

End of Day Three

That’s all for today. Remember, if you want to keep up with the entries as they come in, you can always follow DS Giles on Twitter here, or follow the hashtag #GilesCase to keep up to date.

Think you know who did it yet?


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