The Cat is out of the Bag…

Yup – the cat is out of the bag!

As many of you will be aware, I will shortly be releasing my debut novel, The Bluebell Informant, as a free ebook download on the 7th April (not long now – getting quite excited). This will be followed up by a print copy that people can buy if they wish (although I haven’t got a release date for that just yet).

However, I received a report from Amazon that someone has managed to get hold of a copy of The Bluebell Informant – and worst yet that paid for it!

How did they manage that?

Well – simply put – in order to make an ebook free on Amazon, you have to first put it up on their sales page as a paid ebook. Once the ebook is live, you then have to find another site where the ebook is free and notify Amazon of this through their price matching scheme. Then – and only then – will Amazon make the book free to download, but that process can take anything from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

Needless to say, I made the book live on Amazon and then started taking the necessary steps to make the book free. It still isn’t free yet, but if you want to have a look at the live sales page for it, feel free to have a look here.

But – here is where it gets interesting – at some point between now and when I made the book live, someone has actually come across it and bought it! Which means that I have so far managed to make a small (and I mean very small – minuscule might be a more appropriate word for it) amount of money of what is intended to be a free ebook!

Now, most of you readers are already aware that the book will be free – and anyone who reads my Facebook or Twitter posts will be aware of it as well – which means that this mystery reader is probably not someone who was aware of me before buying the book. It also means they weren’t to know that it was going to be released for free…

And, whilst I could just take my thirty-odd pence (yes, it really is that little) and run off giggling into the sunset, something about that doesn’t quite feel right.


Because one of the most terrifying parts of releasing any book is the thought that no one will be interested in it – that all those years you’ve spent slaving away on it will all come to nothing in the end. And yet, before I’ve even had a chance to gear up the publicity on The Bluebell Informant, someone in the UK (who I can only presume is someone who isn’t generally aware of my work, or otherwise is generous enough to pay for something that will shortly be free) has stumbled across my work and has been excited enough by it to go and purchase a copy.

And that simple fact alone has given me one hell of a boost in the run up to the official release of the book. This anonymous person has given me that extra push of confidence and I am – as you might expect – tremendously grateful for that.

And I’d like to show my gratitude. I would like to give that person a signed copy of my prize winning short story Dressed to Deceive as a thank you for buying my book when they didn’t need to. But first I need to hunt down the person who bought the first copy of The Bluebell Informant.

And this is where I need you…

Please share this post. Share the images I will put up on Facebook and Twitter and help me find the person who bought the first copy of The Bluebell Informant. In return, if the buyer is found, I will also provide the person who they heard about my offer from with a signed copy of Dressed to Deceive as well!!

Consider it a gift from a grateful author.

Thank you all – and standby for the official release of The Bluebell Informant. It’s going to be fun!

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