A little update…

Things are really beginning to hot up here. At the moment I am neck deep in a ghost writing project, which should be finished in the next week or two, and then I’ll be ramping up my efforts in preparation for the release of my debut novel, The Bluebell Informant.

Now, as some of you may be aware, I’ll be releasing digital copies of The Bluebell Informant for free on the 7th April – but in the lead up to that I’ll also be releasing one or two little teasers whilst also finally getting round to launching my first ever Giles Case.

As part of the Giles Case, I’ll be challenging you – my readers – to follow the progress of one of Giles’ cases as she tweets each new development and to solve the crime for a chance to win two awesome prizes. The first is a free, signed copy of the limited edition of my highly acclaimed short story, Dressed to Deceive. And the second…?

Well, I’ll leave that announcement for closer to the time. But trust me – it will be worth entering the competition for.

And for those of you worried because you don’t use Twitter, you can still enter as I will be posting each day’s tweets on this blog and on Facebook so you can keep right up to date with all the latest developments.

But that’s not all.

In addition to all this cool stuff going on around the launch of The Bluebell Informant, I am also very pleased to announce that there will be an added bonus for you all to enjoy.

Every person who grabs a copy of The Bluebell Informant will also be able to download a copy of the next DS Giles story, a novelette called Gotcha. Again – for free!!

So – exciting times. So I thought I’d round off this set of announcements with a little look at Gotcha – or at least a look at the cover art for it.

I hope you’re excited as I am for this…


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