DS Giles is on Twitter!! And she’s offering prizes…

That’s right, my main character, Detective Sergeant Evelyn Giles, is now on Twitter.

And no, I haven’t gone mad.

Not yet at any rate.

A few days ago, I created a Twitter account for DS Giles, which you can now find here if you wanted to check it out.

And I thoroughly suggest you do (you’ll see why in a minute).

My reasons for doing this are long and varied, but ultimately it comes down to a number of factors:

First – I wanted to draw in some potential new readership by allowing people to interact with Giles and see the world through her eyes before ever having to read any of her books – a test drive if you will.

Second – I wanted to do something a little fun, do something a little more experimental with my character. I mean – in a world where we can interact with the news, why can’t we interact with a character from a novel. It’s a little weird, yes, but I’ll have a lot of fun with it – and I’m hoping you will to.

Remember, you can find Giles’ Twitter page right here. Check it out.

Now, as part of this interactivity, I wanted to appeal to my readers in a unique way. Most people who read crime fiction have at least a basic desire to experience the thrill of a criminal investigation or even the crime itself. We like to second guess our suspects and try to work out the solution before our hero – it’s what we all live for.

So I thought, why can’t I put my readers up against Detective Sergeant Giles?

The simple – and wonderful – answer is, absolutely nothing.

So this is how it’s going to work.

At set times, DS Giles’ Twitter account will announce that on a certain date she will begin investigating a case (that I have designed) from the moment she is called out. She will tweet every clue and red herring she comes across, every feeling or observation and quote from all the suspects and witnesses. A little bit of the case – every day.

Just like in a crime fiction novel – only simpler.

And, as readers, you will have the chance to follow her and try to find the solution before her. You can follow her through her Twitter account or simply through the hashtag #GilesCase .

On the final day, Giles will post a link and everyone who has taken an interest will be given the opportunity to submit their solution to the crime. From those who successfully work it out, one lucky winner will be randomly selected to win a cool, crime-fiction related prize.

Still not checked out Giles’ Twitter page yet? Well here it is just in case.

So, what’s the benefit for the reader you may ask?

Well there are actually three benefits:

  1. You get to test drive Giles and my skills of creating a compelling crime before you have to dedicate any real time to reading one of my books.
  2. You get to pit your own detective skills against Giles.
  3. You get the chance to win some pretty cool prizes.

And, for those of you who aren’t using Twitter but are still loyal readers nonetheless there is a fourth benefit:

4. I will posting a transcript of the day’s tweets at the end of each day – so you can still      join in the fun without having to go through the palaver of signing up to Twitter just to take part.

Sounding fun? Here’s that Twitter page one more time

Follow Giles’ account and stay tuned. I get the feeling there’s a case coming up right around the corner…


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