Sneaky Snippets – 7/9/16

‘Excuse me, sir?’ the Customs Officer said. ‘Can you open this crate up, please?’

The Man who Bought the Bullet remained calm and helpful. ‘Is there a problem?’

The Customs Officer was in no mood for conversations or explanations.

‘Just open it up, please.’

The Man who Bought the Bullet ordered his men to open the crate. As the lid was unscrewed, he retreated a little back into the shadows and reached inside his pocket. He didn’t remove the gun, not at first at any rate, he simply flicked off the safety catch. It was just a precaution – he never intended on using it. Getting caught in a fire fight in a heavily guarded dock was suicide…

But it made him feel better at any rate.

From The Bullet with My Name on It – ©Nick R B Tingley 2016

Sneaky Snippets is a weekly segment of short extracts of my work – usually something I’ve been working on in the past week or so.

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