What I’ve been listening to this week…

Sometimes when you are working, you have those moments when you just want to listen to something a little bit silly. That was the position I found myself in this week and the primary reason why Dr Hook have made it into this edition of What I’ve been listening to this week…

I first started listening to Dr Hook many many years ago (largely thanks to my sister) and always enjoyed the music at a young age. Although, as I got older I began to realise that the lyrics were not as innocent as my younger self had supposed, which made their work even more intriguing for me.

Specialising in novelty songs, acoustic ballads and disco-influenced rock, Dr Hook produced some seminal stuff over their time. You can quite easily have it on in the background whilst your working or you can sit back and appreciate the tongue-and-cheek lyrics that poke fun at other love songs and assumptions about musicans.

I’ve chosen one of their earlier singles – The Cover of the Rolling Stone – a song that pokes fun at the idea that a musician has ‘made it’ if they get pictured for Rolling Stone magazine. As a mick take, it is a classic…



Now it’s your turn.

What do you make of Dr Hook? Funny and entertaining? Or is does it go that little bit too far?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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