Sneaky Snippets – 31/08/16

‘Your boy was so kind as to let me in and provide me with a glass of wine whilst I waited for you,’ he explained, gesturing to the glass on the table beside him. ‘I trust you don’t mind.’

‘Trust away, Reverend,’ Conroy replied bitterly, striding across the room towards the fireplace. ‘I presume he lit the fire for you as well?’

As he spoke, he grabbed hold of the metal poker and started jabbing angrily down at the flames, trying to disperse the wood so that the fire would burn out quicker. To his annoyance, this only made the fire grow stronger.

The Vicar smiled.

‘No, no, I am responsible for the fire,’ he said, settling himself back into his chair with a gentle smile on his face. ‘I always find that a fire makes a room, don’t you agree? I thought you might appreciate coming home to a more…’ he paused to glance around the sparsely decorated room. ‘…Well, a more homely feel.’

Conroy thrust the poker down beside the grating and turned swiftly to face his visitor.

‘In future, Reverend, perhaps you would be so kind as to not meddle in my affairs…’

‘I certainly didn’t mean any offence by it.’

From The Butcher of Barclays Hollow – ©Nick R B Tingley 2016

Sneaky Snippets is a weekly segment of short extracts of my work – usually something I’ve been working on in the past week or so.

Did you like what you read? Do you want to learn more about The Butcher of Barclays Hollow? Who is Conroy? And why is he so irritated by the presence of his visitor?

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