A New Format of Blog

There have been a few changes to my blog in recent weeks. I’ve been experimenting with some new post types and -generally speaking – I’ve been giving my blog a bit of a make-over. Well, at least in terms of my posts that it.

Up until now, I’ve been blogging a little haphazardly – only creating content when I felt like there was some news that I wanted to pass on to my readers. But I want my blog to be so much more than that – I want people to know what they are expecting every time they see one of my posts appear and I want you guys – my loyal readers – to help.

But we’ll get to that bit later.

First let’s talk about the new style that you may have already seen creeping into my posts:

As of now, my blog will consist of two parts: regular segments that will appear week-in week-out, and the slightly more irregular parts (reviews, musings, updates on my writing and latest news) that will fill in many of the gaps.

The regular segments consist of:

Monday: What I’ve been listening to this week… – a run down of whatever music I’ve been writing to over the past week. 

Wednesday: Sneaky Snippets – short extracts from whatever project I have been working on during the week. 

Saturday: First Lines – analysis of opening lines of books from various different genres 

Whilst the more irregular segments will consist of:

Reviews – book reviews from whatever crime/mystery/thriller books I have been reading lately (although there are occasional exceptions to this genre) as well as regular updates to my Book Review Rankings

Occasional Thoughts – short posts, usually musing in nature, about things that have been going on in my life – sometimes it’s books, sometimes it’s my writing, sometimes it’s politics. 

Writing Updates – more in depth than the Occasional Thoughts, these posts tend to focus on my writing – what inspires me, how I tackle a particular problem etc – more suitable for writers and those intrigued by what goes on behind the scenes in my life.

The hope is that I will have a blog that will be able to deliver quality material on a regular basis and to regular deadlines.

And this brings me back to you guys, the people reading this post. I need your help.

Because it is all well and good me creating valuable content for people to read and rearranging my blog site to make it more approachable, but it will all be for nothing if people don’t get involved.

So, here’s what I want you to do.

If you like what you’ve read (and if you’ve reached this far, I would assume you have) like it by clicking the ‘Like’ button at the end of each post you read. If there was something about it you didn’t like, give me a quick one or two lines in the comments to tell me what bothered you about it. Share it on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and whatever else you share this type of stuff on. Get the conversation going…

This blog has developed and the readership has grown so much since those early days two years ago – let’s spread it even further.

All the best,




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