What I’ve been listening to this week…

This week (well, month really) has been a little bit different.

A week ago I finished the long process of moving out of my old house into my new flat (very exciting, big whoop and all that). Now the part of that process that I dislike the most, and I’m sure you’ll agree, is the cleaning up afterwards. Oh yes, you can have fun building furniture and placing ‘Home-Tetris’ in your new place but, when push comes to shove, there will invariably be that moment when you have to wander back to the old place to do the final hoovering and dusting and all that other stuff that you really don’t want to do when you’re going through the excitement of moving home…

Which is where my choice of What I’ve been listening to this week comes from.

Rather than sticking on a random playlist of upbeat songs to get me through the arduousness of cleaning the house, I elected for something a little different – even by my standards.

By chance, I discovered that BBC Iplayer Radio was broadcasting a dramatised version of Charles Dickens’ The Mystery of Edwin Drood and was interested enough to put it on.

Divided into five parts, BBC’s 1990 production of the story (or at least the version completed by Leon Garfield) is a remarkable listen. I had never paid much attention to the story – being that it was Dickens’ last story and that he never even managed to complete it – and didn’t imagine that I would become so engrossed in it. But, as I worked my way through the cleaning work, I found myself listening to all five hours of the programme and was so taken by it that I have now endeavoured to read the book itself.

With some great acting from Ian Holm as John Jasper and Mark Payton as Edwin Drood, this telling of the story had me gripped from start to finish and is well worth a mention in my What I’ve been listening to this week segment.

For those of you who can get BBC Iplayer Radio, here is the link but – be warned – the first episode is only available for another day or two so you may need to move quickly before it’s gone.



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