Murder Under My Nose: A Brief Run Down

Imagine waking up in a police cell.

Your head is throbbing, your mind is wandering.

And all you can hear is the relentless drumming of droplets of water falling from a leaky tap into a cold basin.

This is how I start my latest project, Murder Under My Nose.

I have already spoken about this project in previous posts, but I am very aware that I haven’t actually said very much on what it’s all about.

Well today is the day when I reveal a little bit about what to expect…

MJ’s life is a sad tale.

Her life was set. She was due to head off to university and finally start sculpting her place in the world when her mother was stabbed to death by her father and MJ was left to bring up her younger sister, Grace.

Forced into a life of prostitution and back-alley dealings, MJ has struggled through life to make sure that Grace had the opportunities that their mother’s death took from them.

But when Grace herself is found dead, MJ is made the chief suspect and her life begins to unravel…

But the circumstances of Grace’s death are far too curious for MJ to give up so easily and she must look to her past to find the answers she needs.

Is her father back to finish what he started?

Is someone trying to replicate her mother’s murder?

Or is Grace’s killer hiding in plain sight…?

… Right under her nose…


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