What I’ve been listening to this week…

This week, I’ve once again gone down a little bit of a dark route with my writing music, although it wouldn’t necessarily seem that way from the outset.

Although from Disney production from the 1990s (the height of Disney animation’s productions in my opinion), The Hunchback of Notre Dame‘s soundtrack is inherently quite dark in construction and intriguing to listen to.

Based on the (as you might guess) the motif of ringing bells and religious choral music, the soundtrack is very wholesome and unnerving. In fact, even though many of the songs are sweet or comical in nature, a lot of the music is so powerful that it has, on several occasions, made me feel quite embittered and gloomy as well as thoroughly entertained…

The perfect soundtrack for writing cold thrillers to…

This particular song, The Court of Miracles, is one of my favourites. Although very jolly in temperament, the lyrics to this song are mischievously dark and grim. This adds a nice contrast that I think sums up the soundtrack in general.

Check it out…

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