What I’ve been listening to this week…

I am not a person who is massively into music.

If I find a song that I like, I won’t necessarily follow a band.

I don’t necessarily know the lyrics to songs that I like, usually because I tend to get attracted to songs with great melodies rather than the words (ironically).

I certainly wouldn’t do well in a music quiz (just ask Gemz).

However, that being said, music does have a profound influence on how I feel at any given moment and I often find that certain types of music are great for getting me in the mood for doing certain tasks (something that is particularly helpful with my writing).

So, here’s my latest Sunday post series: What I’ve been listening to this week…

And this week is a bit of strange one.

As many of you will know, I am watch a lot of TV boxsets and Films in the little spare time I have. The majority of these are crime and thriller based but, from time to time, I will watching something different. Just now, for example, I am currently tucking into the third series of the BBC comedy, Yes, Minister.

Earlier this year, Gemz and I decided we would go through all seven series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (a series that we both enjoyed in our youth and were eager to revisit now). And it is one particular episode of that series that has provided me with my listening for this week…

Once More With Feeling was an episode where the inhabitants of the series suddenly found themselves in a situation where they could only express themselves through song (as though in a musical) leading to some very comic, but also very dark moments. What made it even better is that some of the cast are not known for their singing which gives the album a slightly rough-around-the-edges feel that I have found most inspiring over the last week.

So, here you have it, one of my favourite tracks from Once More With Feeling.


One thought on “What I’ve been listening to this week…”

  1. I will never forget Buffy and Spike falling through the floorboards and Warren mesmerising his ex and kidnapping her. Season 6 was delectable.


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