Read The Bluebell Informant Today – For Free


That’s right.

Today, I am releasing the latest version of The Bluebell Informant to be read online for free for a limited time only.

Yes. For free.

As of right now, The Bluebell Informant is live on (some of you may remember that this was the site that first propelled me into the limelight when I won a competition with Dressed to Deceive) and you can read it right here.

But why this sudden desire to get The Bluebell Informant out there? The release date is still a long way off, so why am I suddenly allowing people to see it?

The answer to that is two-fold.

First off, I received some awesome news from Inkitt regarding the publication of my short story, Dressed to Deceive. After a year of back-and-forthing, I have finally seen the cover design for the book and, with any luck, I will be sharing that with you in the next post or two.

This means that the long promised copies of Dressed to Deceive will soon be on their way to me, which means I, in turn, will finally be able to offer some signed copies up as competition prizes.

In addition to this, Inkitt recently informed me that they wanted to offer some free plugging for an early draft of The Bluebell Informant that I had up on their servers. So I figured, why not? Let’s put the latest version up and get some good solid Beta testing done – it’s about time that I stopped talking about this book and starting giving something back to you lovely people who have been following my work.

So here it is. If you wish, you can read The Bluebell Informant for free with no strings attached (provided you finish it before I take it down – but I will give you prior warning of that happening).

But for those of you who are really in to what I write, I would really appreciate some feedback on what I have so far. Reviews and comments – good and bad – are welcome. And, if you so wish, please also share the book to as many people as possible. Anyone and everyone who may enjoy this book is welcome to read it so please get the word out.

Anyone who reviews, comments or shares this book will be entered into a prize draw. Prizes up for grabs include:

A signed copy of Dressed to Deceive

Original copies of early The Bluebell Informant concept art

And a mystery prize…

With more prizes that may be added later…

To enter, simply leave a review on Inkitt (or, if you have a blog or social media, that will do fine as well), leave a comment below this post or share the story on Facebook and Twitter and what have you…

Just remember to leave a little comment on my Facebook page to let me know where to find it so that all entries can be verified.

Thank you everyone and I hope you enjoy The Bluebell Informant. I know I enjoyed writing it…


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