The Post Century

100 posts!

100 posts since that first time I sat down at my computer and started typing.

And what a journey I’ve had.

I have brought myself from the creative uncertainty of my time going by the tag, ‘the creative jack-of-all-trades’, through the excitement of the challenge of producing my first book of poetry, to the long journey that started my work with DS Giles and The Bluebell Informant.

And I have loved every minute of it.

So, to mark this milestone in true blogging fashion, I will be sharing some of the posts that have made me the writer I am today.

Here’s to 100 posts and to many more.

The Creative Jack of All Trades


What authors and readers alike can take from the latest revelations in Game of Thrones

From Zero to Hero: Why You Should Never Give Up on A Rejected Story

Upstaged by A Turtle

The Moment My Turtle Decided to Upstage Me

I heard a ringing bluebell, now I’m running for my life…

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