The Moment My Turtle Decided to Upstage Me

Last week, I released a series of video interviews in the run up to the release of my website. As part of that, I also published a couple of posts relating to some tactics for making your first author interview on no budget (or very little at least), which I suggest any author who is interested in the interview aspect of the job but who may be a little unnerved by the idea should take a look at for a little perspective if nothing else.

In addition to that post, I also revealed a funny incident that occurred during filming where I was unceremoniously upstaged by my pet turtle, Batman. Although I didn’t publish the clip itself, I have had a huge number of requests from followers, readers and the like to publish the actual clip so – bowing to the pressure of my public – here it is for all to see…

I call it ‘The Curious Case of the Bored Turtle‘.


Incidentally, if you haven’t checked out my new website – – please do and let me know what you think.


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