The Bluebell Interviews – Part I

Well, you’ve already heard about how I nearly got upstaged by a turtle, now here is your chance to see the footage first hand.

That’s right, with the publication of my new and (hopefully) improved website in the next few days, I will be periodically releasing some of the interviews that made it on to the website for you to enjoy.

I will be releasing a new section of the interviews in the lead up to the site going live on Sunday evening, exclusively for those of you who enjoy reading my blog…

‘But what about us authors?’ I hear you cry. ‘What about those of us who want to learn about doing our own interviews?’

Well, never fear – there will be an exclusive behind-the-scenes post just for all those authors out there who want to pick up a few tips on marketing themselves, which will be released on Saturday evening.

So, without further introduction, just sit back and find out a little bit more about The Bluebell Informant




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