Writing, Rugby and D.S. Giles

My 2016 started with a bang.

Barely a few days had passed before I was frantically typing away on my keyboard, trying to race through my latest draft of Judged by Obsession – not an easy task when having to fit my writing around copious amounts of overtime from work (after all, I do have a wedding to pay for). My time was also somewhat hindered by my recent desire to relearn how to play rugby (something that I quickly found was having a ridiculously good impact on my state of mind, even if it was leaving me slightly battered and bruised).

But I was making steady progress, although regrettably I had been unable to find time to update my blogs and newsletters…

Until now.

So, allow me to update you all on my exploits.

Firstly, the rugby…

For those of you who have met me, I don’t look like a rugby player. I’m not large and I’m not overly strong. The last time I played rugby was in my school days when, by some luck, I happened to be one of the larger kids. However, as the years progressed, everyone else seemed to grow (in both directions) whereas I stayed very much the same size prompting me to give up the sport altogether.

Last October, I took the step to start training again and, recently, I have had the honour of being selected for the first XV for my local team. Whilst I wouldn’t say I’m great at rugby, I think I have some potential and, with enough practice, I may even become a half-decent winger…

Although I’m not sure my body will ever forgive me…

Secondly, the writing…

Last night, I finally completed my redraft of Judged by Obsession, the second story in my D.S. Giles series.

This was a big step for me because, as some of you may recall, Judged by Obsession (or Obsession as it was known in earlier drafts) was originally supposed to be the first in the series but, due to some issues I was encountering with my main character, Detective Sergeant Evelyn Giles, I decided to go back and write what I termed as a prequel novella in the hope of solidifying some of the character’s back story.

The result of this step backwards was The Bluebell Informant that, apart from being instrumental in the development of the Giles series, also turned out to be a good story in its own right. So much so that it will now be published as the opening chapter in the Giles saga.

So I now have two D.S Giles stories that are in various stages of editing and a third in the planning stage. But I did have one problem…

Try as I might, I couldn’t make Judged by Obsession work as a title.

I knew I wanted the word ‘obsession’ in there, after all the whole book is about obsession and the various forms it takes, but I couldn’t make the title work for love nor money…

That was until I chatted with my wife-to-be about it.

I won’t bore you with the ins and outs (for the simple reason that I don’t want to give too much of the plot away) but the discussion ended quite abruptly when my future wife suggested a title that seemed to fit in perfectly with the others.

I’d be interested to see what you think. Do these titles ignite your interest in the series? Do any of the three stand out as being weaker or stronger than the others?

Let me know your thoughts.

So, for the first time, here are the titles of the first three books in the D.S. Giles series.

The Bluebell Informant

The Court of Obsessions

The Anonymous Jury

Are you excited yet?


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