Book Two Underway!

Today, I did something that I have never really done before with my writing and, already, it has made a massive difference to the way I craft my stories.

Having got to the point where The Bluebell Informant needs little more than some grammatical tweaking here and there and a few revisions for minor bits, I finally got back to the story that started it all off, Obsession. But six months of working exclusively on another project, albeit a project that comes from the same book series, has completely altered my perception of the story I wrote nearly a year ago.

The character of DS Giles, for example, now has a very defined backstory that, whilst I intended to elude to in Obsession, was never really discussed in the story. Now that I cover that ground in The Bluebell Informant, it has changed (ever so slightly) the way that Giles reacts to those around her. Gone are the days when I saw Giles as a cold detective, focussed on truth and justice and nothing else. Instead she has been replaced by a very emotional woman with a tragic past who, despite still having the cold focus on justice, is just as human as anyone else in terms of her flaws.

So I began rewriting Obsession under a new title (which I shall be revealing in due course) with the view to altering the character of Giles to fit this new profile. However, upon reaching the first chapter where Giles appears which (as you might expect) happens quite early in the story, I found myself stumbling as I tried to craft the character into the scenes I had already written…

After several hours of struggling, I came to the inevitable conclusion…

Everything has to be completely re-written.

And don’t get me wrong, that is a good thing. Now that I have a firm grasp of Giles in my mind, on paper and (if you follow my newsletter you will soon discover) as an image, I feel re-invigorated and eager to return to the old material and bring the character of Giles crashing back into that situation. But it also prompted me to do something that I never really wanted to do before because I felt that would somehow limit my creative abilities and the natural flow of the story…

I wrote my synopsis first.

And when I say synopsis, I don’t just mean a page of blurb about how the story will progress and what will happen in the end. I mean a blow by blow account of each chapter and how the story leaps from point to point. And, rather than limiting my creativity, I feel like it has somehow opened me up. Where I was struggling to get to grips with Giles in her new role before, I am now able to blast through a chapter.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this…

The Bluebell Informant is just the beginning…


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