Announcing DS Giles

This is just a little update for you all.

As some of you are aware, I have a newsletter that comes out at the beginning of each month. In it you will find exclusive bits and bobs about my writing (most of it geared towards The Bluebell Informant) as well as some reviews and anecdotes from the last month of my writing career.

This month, however, is a little bit special for one very big reason…

I will be introducing Detective Sergeant Evelyn Giles to the world.

The whole thing started a little while ago when a colleague recommended a website to me that I could use to design my own front covers. Whilst I didn’t particularly want to design my own cover, this website did offer me an opportunity to create a fairly accurate picture of the person I see in my mind when I think of DS Giles and, having completed the drawing, I was so impressed by the likeness that I immediately wanted to share it with everyone.

So – two things…

If you are interested in designing characters and, like me, you can’t really draw for toffee, check out the site here. If nothing else, it is great to pass the time for a few hours.

Second, if you haven’t already, sign up to the newsletter. I will be releasing the first image of DS Giles in that newsletter and you won’t get an opportunity to see it for a while afterwards, so be sure you’re amongst the first to know. Also, I am getting some good news about the limited edition copies of Dressed to Deceive that I have won as part of Inkitt’s Fated Paradox competition and there will be a giveaway competition open exclusively to readers of my newsletter – so if you want a limited edition, signed-copy of Dressed to Deceive (including some bonus material), all you have to do is sign up.


In addition to this bit of news, and having worked non-stop on The Bluebell Informant for the past three months, I am finally returning back to the story that started it all. Yes, that’s right, I’m finally redrafting Obsession (which is in the process of being renamed but I won’t tell you that bit just yet) and already I’m steaming ahead, invigorated by the experience and knowledge I gained through writing The Bluebell Informant. Needless to say, I’m very excited about this and the story is looking like it is going to be far darker and explosive than it was ever hoping to be before…

Stay tuned for the latest.

All the best.


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