Challenge 2015 – First Titles Announced

In my last post, I announced my plans for the Challenge 2015.

For those of you who remember, last years challenge tested my ability to try something new and uncomfortable, something I think all writers should at least try doing every once in a while. As a result of this challenge, I wrote my first book of poetry, Grey Skies and Broken Branches, which enjoyed a fair amount of success and has inspired to continuing to challenge myself.

But, as you all know, I am a crime writer first and foremost and, whilst my short stories have enjoyed a reasonable amount of success in their own right, I don’t feel that I write enough of them.

So – Challenge 2015 – I have tasked myself to write one short story every month until next August when I will assemble them all in to an anthology and make them available for general consumption.

The Rules:

  1. I cannot use an already written story, nor edit an old one and count that in the collection. The only exception to this is Dressed to Deceive that will occur in the collection but does not count as any of the offerings for any particular month.
  2. Completed stories can be edited after the month has passed to make them presentable for the collection if I am still not 100% happy with them.
  3. Stories can be submitted to magazines, ezines or made available prior to the release of the collection.

So, now that I have finalised the rules of the challenge, it with great pleasure that I can begin announcing the working titles of the shorts that I am looking to write for the collection. Many of these working titles will change during the course of writing, but they will hopefully give you all a fair idea of what to expect in the coming months.

Wish me luck…

Short Story Collection Titles

Dressed to Deceive (completed)

The Butcher of Barclay’s Hollow (in progress)

Black and White (working title) (announced)

Sacred Agendas (working title) (announced)

If you have enjoyed reading about Challenge 2015, please subscribe to my blog and share the word. Stay tuned for an up coming competition to win a signed, limited edition copy of Dressed to Deceive.



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