A Year of Blogging and A Special Announcement

Today is a special day for me for three reasons. Firstly, by the time this post gets posted I will be enjoying the wedding of a good work colleague of mine. Secondly, it is precisely a year since my first ever footstep into the blogging world.

In my mind there is no better way of celebrating a year in the blogosphere than by announcing the third reason why today is a special day (although really it happened a day or two ago, I just haven’t had a chance to blog yet).

Some of you may be aware that I recently entered my short story, Dressed to Deceive, into Inkitt’s Fated Paradox competition. It is my very great pleasure to announce that I won that I not only won that competition but I also managed to gather a great deal of five star reviews to boot. Needless to say I shall be enjoying the rest of this weekend and will probably be heroically sloshed by the time you read this, but I didn’t want to do that without thanking everyone who read, reviewed and voted for my story. I’m eternally grateful for the time and effort you took to read it and I hope to entertain you with more dark and grizzly tales in the near future.

Dressed to Deceive is still available to read for free here if you fancy having a look.

But for now, back to my main post.

As I said before it has been a year today since I posted my first blog. To start with, I was very apprehensive. I wasn’t sure what blogging could possibly offer me that ranting at my friends didn’t solve. I wanted to share my knowledge, but was there really ever going to be anyone reading?

As it turns out there were. And a year on, 50 odd posts later, much ranting and a slight revamp, I am glad to say that I am heartily enjoying sharing my experiences with those of you willing to listen.

I would like to thank each of you for joining me on this journey, whether it was for one post or many, I would like to offer my respect and gratitude to those of you who barely batted an eyelid when I decided to drop the mantle of ‘Creative Jack of All Trades’ and focus on just my crime writing (for the sake of this blog at least) and finally I would like to offer my most sincerest thanks to those who repeatedly read my work, comment on it and like it. It for all of you that I keep on blogging and I shall be forever grateful to you all.

To celebrate the passing of my first year on the blogosphere here are my top posts of the last twelve months that I thought you might enjoy. Thank you all for reading!

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Creative Blogs

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5. Paranoid


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