Releases, Writing and Horrified Mirror Glances

Well, it has been a while since I last posted, although I am happy to say that it is not from a lack of wanting. The past month has been incredibly busy for me for a number of reasons:

Firstly, I published “Grey Skies and Broken Branches” on to Kindle this month. This collection of First World War inspired poetry has proved to be far more successful than I could have hoped for when I first challenged myself to come up with a collection of poetry. Considering that I don’t think of myself as a poet, the fact that anyone brought it at all is quite frankly astounding. Not only has it been selling, but it also enjoyed a brief stint in the top ten of poetry anthologies sold by Amazon, taking a snug little position between works by Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allen Poe (I feel blessed).

The reviews I’ve had for “Grey Skies and Broken Branches” have called it “very emotional”, “heartbreaking”, “moving” and “evocative” so if you haven’t had a chance to read it, check it out on Amazon and see what all the fuss is about!

Secondly, I have finally returned to a novel that I wrote drafts for when I was living in Bulgaria four years ago. Now I have my head down and I’m busy redrafting it ready for a release at some point next year (if all goes to plan).

It’s called “Sacred Agendas” and is fantasy/political thriller set in the world beyond death. The story follows a young general called Baltraz Arthur who, having lived a life of success and power, finds that his deeds have all counted for nothing when he arrives in the afterlife and is forced to live at the bottom rung of the political ladder. As he struggles to save himself and his friends from their miserable existence, he  that darker deeds are afoot in the corridors of power and he soon becomes embroiled in a massive struggle to overthrow a corrupt regime and bring peace back to the world of the living.

Whilst writing “Sacred Agendas”, I am also in the process of planning a second novel loosely based on the mythology of Britain in the early medieval period – more details to follow next year.

Finally, I have been absolutely swamped by short stories, scripts and articles. At this moment in time, I am working on two scripts (one film and one a TV pilot), five short stories and seven articles. And that is just the writing part. I’m also working closely with fellow scriptwriter and partner in crime, Joshua Douglas-Walton, on a webseries pilot that we will hopefully be shooting next year.

And to make matters even more complicated, I am now working liaising between a large charity and a documentary film crew who are producing a programme for BBC3 to be shown next Spring. Add in to the mix that I decided I needed to lose a stone or two after seeing the horrific sight of a pot belly in the mirror a few weeks ago, that pretty much sums up my life at the moment.

It has led to very long and tiring days. But you know what? It feels good!


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