Grey Skies and Broken Branches Released!

Well, it has been a hard slog, but I am pleased to announce that my new ebook is now available on Amazon!

Big whoop, party time, jazz hands and all that.

Yes, it’s true. My poetry ebook, “Grey Skies and Broken Branches: A Collection of World War One Style Poetry” is now available to buy on Amazon as a Kindle Edition.

But… that is not the best bit of news. Those of you who have been following my attempt to create this collection will already be aware that I have written this collection of poetry to coincide with this years Remembrance Day. So, for this week, I am offering this collection for free… nada… nothing.

So please, download this free collection of World War One Poetry. Tell all your followers and friends to download it and have a read. It is completely FREE so have a gander and spread the word.

This offer expires on Friday!

Grey Skies and Broken Branches

Thank you to everyone for their support during the writing of this ebook, you are all complete angels!

On to the next project!


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