Poetry Book Update: Nearly Half Way There

It has been a little while since I last updated how the Poetry Book was going for two main reasons:

First, I’m afraid work has rather overtaken my life in recent weeks (boo). As much as I would love to sit and have a good few days writing away to get it completed, it just hasn’t really been an option. Which leads me to…

Secondly, there really hasn’t been that much to report lately, particularly on the illustrations front. I started trying to draw an illustration for “Generally Speaking” a few weeks ago but found that I couldn’t find a suitable three hour gap that I could use to really do it justice.

However, progress has been made and I’m confidently working towards my Armistice Day deadline. I’m nearly half way there and, even if no one else wants to read my poetry, I’m glad that I’m writing it. I now find myself in the position of being able to write a poem about whatever seems to be on my mind, something I would never have dreamed of a few months ago. And it has helped my songwriting work as well. I am now more efficient than I have ever been.

It just goes to show, you should never fear the things you cannot do. For they may be the things that change your life…

Poems Written – 9/20

Illustrations Drawn – 3/20

Completed Poems with Illustrations – 0/20

Days Remaining – 56 Days

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