Fingers squelch in the watery mud, as he struggles to wrench,

Bodies scramble up over the top to emerge from the trench.

Fearful screams are heard all around, sergeants order to fire.

Muscles tear and skin ripped apart as it snags on the wire.

Bullets wiz past and strike on the ground,

Artillery shells explode all around,

He coughs and he wheezes beginning to choke,

On air that is soon to be nothing but smoke.

Dodging shrapnel shards,

Only ten more yards,

Soon to flee from hell,

No more shot and shell.

Run hard.

Don’t Stop!

Soldiers stare from their taciturn ranks, as the prisoner stands tall,

Screaming loud that the general’s were wrong, he’d done nothing at all,

Firing squads stand ready to shoot, sergeants order to fire.


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