Another View

My Scottish friends, I ask of you, a moment of your time

not to argue or persuade

or tell you who is wrong and who is right,

for that is not my business.

Soon, the ballot papers of hopes and dreams,

ideals and what have beens,

will flutter through the sky,

flying towards the security of what is known

or flocking over the unknown horizon

to the promise of peace and


My Scottish friends, I ask you not, to listen to this man’s opinion,

nor do I deny your claims

of depression and oppression

by the union created by the heirs of

Scottish Kings.

I’m sure your tales of oppression by

A united state

Are not without merit.

I’m sure the political prisoners of

Other Countries

have no patch on the terrible suffering

inflicted on you by those

you intend to break from.

How sadistic they were to give you the vote,

and freedom to work and play,

and live wherever you wish…

How terrible was the day when you

asked for referendums

and they granted it.

The oppression they wrought is the most cruel.

Oppression masquerading as freedom…

My Scottish friends, I do not wish to take away

the importance of such a historic day.

But if I could take

a moment

to point out

that your decision is about


than just independence.

On that fateful day,

you will decide

what it means to be British.

Will that include all the nations of these islands?

Or just some of them?

Will those of us left be able to hold our

heads up high

and be able to say in

proud voice

that we are part of a noble tradition

that predates the unions of

America and Europe.

Or will we have to skulk away

and say that no united mankind

is possible.

Peaceful union can never last.

“I am British.”

Without you the words seem

somewhat hollow.

So, my Scottish friends, I hope you will forgive

those times when the rest of us may


to stop your intent.

I hope you will forgive the anger we may have

if the idea of Britain is taken away

from the majority who have no say.

You see,

you have a choice to decide

what becomes of Britain.

You have the chance to determine

whether my cultural identity means

the same

in a few days time.

Whilst I do not.

And thus, my Scottish friends, remember,

that whilst you cry of oppression and cruelty,

of unfairness and disrespect,

spare a thought,

a moment, or brief sigh,

for those of us whose lives will


without the respect

or the fairness

to have our own say

about what it means

to be British


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