A Short Hiatus

The only problem I have encountered with being a creative jack-of-all-trades is that you have to learn to split your attention. Sure there will be times when you will be strictly in a writing or filming or whatever mood for months at a time so your other creative trades will take something of a back foot, and that’s fine as long as you remember that you will eventually have to come back to those if you don’t want to drop the ball. 

However, there are other times when other people are willing to hire you in advance for your services which means, no matter what mood you’re in, you have to drop everything in favour of that project. It always pains me to say this, but if you get to the stage where you work is appreciated enough for people to pay for it, money and paid contracts are the trump cards…

And that is the position I find myself in today. As of this Monday, I will be working in one of my less recognisable roles as a musical director for a theatre course for youngsters. Over the next two weeks I will be frantically composing music and writing songs in preparation for performances that will end two weeks today. In addition to this, I have been commissioned to write an article for one magazine, with a potential second on the way, so my time is going to be a little bit stretched. 

So what does this mean for me?

Well for starters, these are both paid gigs and, since my fiancé and I have managed to find a wedding venue and date that we actually agree on, money is most definitely king in this situation. 

So, for the next two weeks, there is unlikely to be any poetry or story writing and very little research into new articles to write. Additionally that also means that the likelihood of me being able to get on to the blog to write anything substantial is quite low as well. So I am going on a short hiatus from blogging for no more than two weeks. In those two weeks, I will try my best to update with my progress with some short blogs, but I’m afraid there is no guarantee of that. 

Thank you everyone who has been following and reading so far. You’ve all been great and I will hopefully see you all on the other side in two weeks time. 

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