Oh, police car in my rear view mirror,

You fill my heart with utter fear,

Scurrying behind me like a hound

Just watching, waiting,

Poised to strike without fear

Or provocation.

I fear you sleek police car,

As you turn as I turn,

Drive as I drive,

Slow as I slow.

And yet I have done nothing wrong.

So why do you torment me?

Why do you insist

On following me as though

I’m little more than a

Target in your judicial


I committed no crime.

My insurance is paid,

My tyres are well,

My engine is in order,

My tax is renewed.

So why do you continue

To follow my every move

And stalk me like a beast in the night,

Ready to strike at the slightest indication

That my casually terrified exterior

Is anything else but….

Oh, he’s gone.


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