Poetry Book Update: Publishers and Reviews

So, the poetry book is going well, I think. Having effectively conquered my fear of writing poetry, I am now producing poems at a ridiculous rate. I’ve started writing poetry that has nothing to do with this ebook which is something I never imagined myself doing!

So generally all good. 

This week, the latest additions to the collection are “No Man’s Land” and “Closure” which are a lot darker than my previous poems (which were all written in rhyming verse). These two represent my first attempts at writing free-form so it will be interesting to see how they turn out. 

As for the illustrations, progress has been a bit slower. I have only managed to produce one illustration over the last week for “Charge” and I’m not expecting to have time to get anymore done over the next two weeks… But we shall see. 

But what is really important is I am starting to put my poetry out there. Yes, that’s right I have finally broken through the barrier of worrying about what other people think and have submitted some of my poems for review and (hopefully) publishing. 

For those of you who saw, you will already know that I published “Closure” on this blog on Saturday so, if you haven’t seen it, have a look at that posting and let me know what you think. I also submitted “Heading off to War” and “No Man’s Land” to a writer’s magazine so I look forward to see if the editor reckons either of those are good enough…

Fingers Crossed. 

Anyway, the update…

Poems Written – 6/20

Illustrations Drawn – 3/20

Completed Poems/Illustrations – 0/20

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