Sneak Peek Saturday: The Challenge!

Right. As some of you may know, I do not consider myself in any way a poet.

Not remotely. 

It is one of the few types of writing that I dread. 

So a few weeks ago, I decided to take my fear of poetry head on and started constructing twenty war poems that I aim to publish as an ebook, in commemoration of the First World War Centenary, in time for Armistice Day. Better yet, I have decided to incorporate my equally distressing fear of drawing into the project as well. 

That’s right. 

I do not consider myself a poet or an artist. But I will be writing a book of war poetry complete with illustrations drawn by yours truly!

So, being that I am very much venturing into the unknown, I have decided to publish one of my poems right here so that I can gauge exactly how far I have to go. Please feel free to make whatever cutting or supportive comments that you wish to make. This is about me facing my demons and no good ever came from being nice for the sake of being polite!


Rain patters,

Patters against the gravel path

Stones flicker and skim,

Crunching under foot.

Twenty white pillars,

Growing ever closer,

Ever real.

Mother takes the lead,

She walks along the Portland tombstones,

White, bright,

Stood upright.

All standing to attention,

Awaiting their orders.

She pauses half way down,

And cups her mouth.

Her scream is stifled,

Crushed by the howling wind.

She turns to me,

Tears twinkle and run.

She drops to her knees,

“Your father is gone!”

I leave her in her grief,

Approaching the gravestone,

Where water splatters,

Divides and jumps,

Or spews down the façade.

I read what I knew already,

I knew what must be.

A good man went to war.

His body can’t return.

Private James Todd.

King’s Own Rifle Corps


3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Saturday: The Challenge!”

  1. Wow…. You have a long way to go.
    OMG! I’m just kidding, you can stop crying. I actually really liked it and can imagine a poignant illustration to go with it really bringing to life.


    1. Thanks Wanda, it’s good to know I’m on the right track. I checked out your site as well, I particularly like your dark poetry blog… very nice!
      Thanks again for your lovely comments


  2. I know how you feel about poetry. Someone in my writing group submitted several poems and I just said, “Look, I don’t know how to critique this.” Good luck on attacking this thing! Can’t wait to see your artwork too.


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